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Interdisciplinary seminar

Understanding the urban - First semester 2021-2022

Dear students, 

we are pleased to announce that an interdisciplinary seminar entitled UNDERSTANDING THE URBAN has been set up within the first semester of the A.Y. 2021-2022.
The interdisciplinary seminar consists of two modules of 36 hours each.
The first, run by Prof. Giovanna Potestà, is entitled Spatial management for urban wellbeing, while the second, run by Dr. Nipesh Palat Naranayan, is entitled Understanding the urban: perspectives from the Global South.
Attendance of the seminar is compulsory and is part of the study plan for students enrolled in the first year of the course. It is optional for all other students.
Check the lectures schedule for information on dates and classrooms. 
The Degree Committee. 
Important update: the interdisciplinary seminar will start on September 21st, 9 am. In order to attend, there's no need to reserve a seat in the classroom through the kairos web application. A list of names of attending students will be provided to the reception at the entrance of via Capponi 9. Information on how to attend online - for those who can't attend in presence - will be provided before the seminar starts. 

30 August 2021


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