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Other languages

Language courses (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages) can be attended at the University Language Center (CLA), diversified by level.

On the basis of the agreement between the CLA and our Master's Degree, the language courses (with the exception of English) can be included among the 12 free choice credits in the study plan, selecting the code B033087 (OTHER LANGUAGES) up to a maximum of 6 credits.
Students can choose and register for the course through the CLA website after reaching an agreement on the course to attend with the Delegate for other languages.
Students attending a French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian course will have to take a B1, B2 or C1 level written or oral comprehension test at the end of the course. The choice of level is up to the student. The test must be booked by writing to, and indicating the chosen language and level. Only students who have obtained an attendance certificate at the course will be admitted to the test. The results  will be sent to the student secretariat for registration in the transcript of records.
For other languages, different from the above mentioned ones, ​​it will be sufficient to attend an A1 or A2 level course and to obtain the certificate of attendance with profit at the end. In this case, students will have to send the certificate to the Master's Degree delegate for other languages for the assignment of credits.
For more information on the courses, you can write to the following address:
Delegate for language courses: Prof. Matteo Puttilli




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