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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Geografia, gestione del territorio, beni culturali per la cooperazione internazionale

Participation requirements

To attend the master program, candidates must have acquired a First Cycle Degree in Geography. Alternatively, candidates must have acquired at least 12 ECTS in the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors of Geography and/or Economic Geography and at least 30 ECTS in the following Scientific Disciplinary Sectors, of which at least 6 must belong to one of the two specified groups: group A) Ecology; Geology; Surveying and mapping; Landscape architecture; Urban and regional planning; Urban design and landscape; Archaeology; Ethnography and anthropology; Medieval history; Modern history; group B) Contemporary history; Economics; Economic history; Statistics; Demography; Social statistics; International relations; Sociology. 

In the case of candidates holding a non-EU bachelor's degree in which the requirements are not directly deductible, the candidate's curriculum will be evaluated by a specially appointed Commission according to the methods indicated in the Master Program Regulation.

In order to participate to the master program, B2 level in English language is required.

The verification of the requirements, as well as the adequacy of the student’s preparation, is carried out on the basis of the certification presented and of an individual interview. 

For more information please make contact with the Professor in charge of admission (Prof. Matteo Puttilli). 

last update: 25-Jan-2019
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