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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Geografia, gestione del territorio, beni culturali per la cooperazione internazionale

Admission procedure

How to apply? 

In order to apply to the Master's course, all students must present an admission application to the Education Committee of the course.

All Italian prospective students must present their application to the Students Administration Office for Humanities and Education at the following email address: valutazione.domande(AT)

The application form (in fillable PDF format) for the Academic Year 2022-2023 is available here.

All non-EU or EU citizens holding a bachelor’s degree obtained outside Italy have to present their application via the platform apply.unifi at the following link. 

In order to finalize the application, the following documents must be provided along in the framework of the application process: Bachelor's degree and Transcript of records; Curriculum Vitae (in Italian or in English), Passport. 

Applications will be evaluated in accordance to the participation requirements of the Course. 


Enrollment procedure:

Once the application is approved by the Education Committee, students receive a nulla osta and may proceed with the online enrollment procedure. 

To enroll in the master's degree, prospective students need to register with the Online student services first and then complete the online application (a tutorial on the Unifi web registration is available here). 

At the end of the registration, system will calculate the matriculation tuition and fees bill which must be paid within the aforementioned deadlines (see fees and charges or the Manifesto degli studi, section 13 for all fees and charges information).

Italian and EU-students can complete the enrollment application from 13 July until 4 November 2022. The application can also be submitted from 05 November to 16 December 2022 (an additional fee of 100 euro will be charged in this case).  

Important: Non-EU prospective students must first submit a pre-enrolment application on the portal Universitaly according to the deadlines set by the Ministry.

To finalize the procedure, in the case of the above mentioned non-EU students, the Bachelor's degree and the Transcript of records must be also translated into Italian or into English, legalized or apostilled by the Italian diplomatic mission in the country of origin along with the so called "dichiarazione di valore" (Declaration of Value) issued by the same Italian diplomatic mission (original and one copy).

Once the pre-enrollment application is returned by the Italian Representation in the country of origin, prospective non-EU students must proceed with the online application and submit the following documentation to the International Desk:

  • pre-enrolment application with authentication of signature and photograph, returned by the Italian Representation in the country of origin
  • Besides their bachelor academic title in original or certified copy, with official translation in Italian, and all validations needed for foreign academic titles (in Italian) students must produce also a diploma supplement in English, or a certificate indicating the exams passed and their syllabuses, on letterhead of the foreign university, officially stamped and signed. The certificate and the syllabuses, if not issued in English, must be translated into Italian or English and provided with an official declaration of conformity issued by the educational institution of origin.
  • Nullaosta (in Italian) released by the Academic board of the School of interest.

More information regarding admission procedure, deadlines and tuition fees are available here:

More information on the general procedure for entry, residence and enrollment at higher education institutions in Italy are available on the website Studiare in Italia (also in English here). 






last update: 26-Aug-2022
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