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Admission procedure

How to apply? 

In order to apply to the Master's course, all students must present an admission application to the Education Committee of the course.

All Italian prospective students must present their application online at this link

Further information on the enrollment process is available on the website of the School of Humanities and Education (link). The deadlines for submitting the application are available on the University website, at the following link.

All non-EU or EU citizens holding a bachelor’s degree obtained outside Italy have to present their application via the platform apply.unifi at the following link. In order to finalize the application, non-EU and EU prospective student must provide the following documents: Bachelor's degree and Transcript of records; Curriculum Vitae (in Italian or in English), Passport. 

Applications will be evaluated in accordance to the participation requirements of the Course. 

More information regarding admission procedure, deadlines and tuition fees are available here:

More information on the general procedure for entry, residence and enrollment at higher education institutions in Italy are available on the website Studiare in Italia (also in English here). 









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