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Open reading group

Reading (through) space

Dear students, 

The Laboratory for Social Geography/ Laboratorio di Geografia Sociale (LaGeS) of the SAGAS Department is happy to announce the beginning of a series of seminars for the academic year 2021-2022. The seminars have the general title Reading (through) space and take the form of reading groups focused on questions of space and society.
Taking place every second Thursday of the month, they have a twofold aim: first, to critically discuss, and exchange ideas on, a selection of recent and relevant social geographic texts that link to the ongoing international debates; and second, to introspect the discipline, asking what social geography is about, so as to eventually create a common platform for interdisciplinary dialogue within our Department. In this light, all SAGAS members are particularly welcome.
Thematically, the seminars are structured in blocks of three, and each block functions as a thematic umbrella for the readings to be discussed. The theme of the first block (October-December 2021) is Urban marginality.
The kickoff seminar will take place on Thursday October 14 at 15:00 in aula Parva and the text to be discussed is the introduction to the 2016 book Rethinking Life at the Margins: The Assemblage of Contexts, Subjects and Politics (London, New York: Routledge) edited by Michele Lancione (see attached file). Dr. Nipesh Palat Narayanan and Dr. Panos Bourlessas will introduce and coordinate the discussions.
For anyone interested in participating, due to COVID-19 regulations and in order to receive the text to be discussed, please contact us to the following addresses:
We are eager to meet you all on Thursday October 14 at 15:00 in order to exchange views on marginality and urban space.
Kind regards,
Panos Bourlessas and Nipesh Palat Narayanan (LaGeS)
28 September 2021
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